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One of our favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to experience other cultures. But sometimes the headaches of foreign travel can outweigh the benefits. But, not if that different culture is three miles away and just across the Rio Grande. Such is the situation in Del Rio, Texas and it’s sister city, Acuna, Mexico.

Just 150 miles west of San Antonio and perched along the Texas/Mexico border, Del Rio is a romantic blend of American and Mexican culture offering up the ‘Best of the Border.’ Lake Amistad and the Amistad National Recreation Area is one of Del Rio’s primary draws, with an excellent setting for water sports and some of the world’s best examples of prehistoric American Indian art and artifacts.

Other draws to the area include: the Whitehead Memorial Museum, featuring cultural exhibits from this small frontier village and the final resting place of Judge Roy Bean: Val Verde Winery, the oldest bonded winery in the state of Texas and currently being run by the third generation of the Qualia family; and the nearby Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center in Langtry, Texas.

Another treat of Del Rio is the accessibility to Cuidad Acuna, Mexico. Just three miles away, across the Rio Grande you’ve entered into another place and time. The charming town square with it’s Mexican art and craft vendors and the inspiring Santa Maria de Guadalupe Church, the traditional architecture along the winding streets, and a fabulous meal of unique Mexican treats like sweetbreads and quail at Manuel’s Restaurant all combine to create a wonderfully cultural diversion.

So the ‘Best of the Border’ can be found in both Texas and Mexico. The only thing you’ll need to experience the culture is an open mind and your passport.