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Dayspa -- Nesbit - Virginia's Complete Body Salon (March 2003)
          Shirodhara treatment room
          The first floor of Nesbit houses reception and a retail center
          The first floor also houses a dozen hair stations and a nailcare area
          The nailcare area has it's own waiting room
          On the spa level are seven multipurpose rooms, locker rooms, steam showers, a waiting area and a mineral bath
          Themal stone treatment room
          Pedicures are a big seller at Nesbit

Dayspa -- George Washington Bathed Here (June 2002)
          Berkeley Springs State Park
          The hot springs in the area were first used by native Americans before colonial settlers arrived...
          A visitor relaxes in the Roman Bath House that's now part of the historic Berkeley Springs State Park
          Park superintendent Chris Hanroth points out a structure dating from the 1700s
          Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting has become an important event to the bottled water industry
          The treatment rooms at Berkeley Springs State Park Spa are more authentic than luxurious
          Therapist Evelyn Garcia says La Stone massage is one of the spa's favorite menu items
          The Bath House began as a spa-oriented retail shop across the street from the State Park
          The swimming pool, with it's spa-like atmosphere, is part of the Coolfont Resort's very successful 17-room spa
          Malaysian-born and Thailand-trained Frankie Tan started Atasia Spa just four years ago and is still expanding
          Wellness is a focus at Coolfont, which has a resident practitioner of Chinese medicine who offers acupuncture