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Cruise Travel -- Megaships in the Mediterranean (March/April 2008)
        Legend claims that a coin properly tossed into Rome's glorious Trevi Fountain ensures a return......
        No visit to Venice, one of the major cruise gateways in the Mediterranean, is complete without a gondola.....
        If your ship calls in Monaco, a visit to the Grand Casino is de rigueur in pedstrian-friendly Monte Carlo
        Upscale shops abound along the narrow streets of Cannes, a popular port on the French Riviera

Cruise Travel -- A Mouse in my Cabin?  Yes, Please! (May/June 2003)
         Prior to breakfasting, our intrepid reporter checks her e-mail aboard the Infinity.

Cruise Travel -- Celebrity Chef Michel Roux (July/August 2002)
         Aboard the Galaxy , passengers and crew-members alike queue up to have famed chef Michel Roux sign.....                     The Galaxy galley tour led by cruise-cuisine innovator Michel Roux was an eye-opener.