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Whether you spend life on the road for pleasure or work, it's nice to have the comforts of home as you travel the highways and byways.
TRAILBLAZER checks in with folks who spend a fair amount of time on the road to see just what makes their home away from home.
This month, we chatted with recording star, DARIUS RUCKER

Everyone knows his deep Southern drawl and 'Hootie' nickname, but some may not know that Darius Rucker (www.dariusrucker.com) is a Charleston, South Carolina native who can't stop singing the praises of his hometown. "I was born here," says Rucker. "Charleston is embedded in who I am."

Born in 1966 and bred in the Lowcountry, Rucker originally hit national airwaves and venues as the front man for Hootie and the Blowfish. With hits like "Hold My Hand" and "Only Wanna Be With You" topping the rock charts through the 90s, Rucker released the solo R&B disc "Back to Then" in 2002. More recently, his popular country CDs "Learn to Live" and 2010's "Charleston, SC 1966" have revealed his long-time love affair with country music-and Charleston.

In the CD liner notes for "Charleston, SC 1966," Rucker says, "I was born, raised, and live in the greatest city in the world. You should definitely visit." The CD's name is a tribute to an album titled "Del Rio, Texas 1959," by Radney Foster, which convinced Rucker to pursue country music. "I'd always liked country music, but that album was the first time I thought I could sing it."

Rucker still lives in Charleston and says some of his favorite things about the city are the people, history, restaurants, beaches, and weather. He also says, "I also like to go out and eat--a lot." Rucker lists FIG, Oak Steakhouse, Peninsula Grill, Red Drum, and 17 North as his current favorites.

The professed golf addict adds that he plays golf whenever he's home (and often on the road as well). Rucker's favorite Charleston-area layouts include Patriot's Point, Wild Dunes Resort, and Dunes West. His love affair with golf has led to even more charity work for the already-charitable star. For instance, through fund-raising golf events and more, the Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation has donated more than $1.4 million to 180 various causes, including the South Carolina Junior Golf Association. The PGA TOUR and Capitol Records Nashville also recently announced that Rucker is teaming up with the TOUR to raise funds for PGA TOUR charities through music--featuring Rucker's custom song, "Together, anything is possible."

Rucker makes time to head to local live music venues whenever possible. Of the live music scene around Charleston, he says "I see bands at The Windjammer all the time. Music Farm also has great bands."

Rucker's luxurious and TV-laden home away from home is a 45-foot 2012 Prevost XLII built by Diamond Coach (www.diamondcoaches.com), a Tennessee-based company that provides many buses to other celebrities who live much of their lives on the road.

What's your favorite thing about staying on your bus versus a hotel room?
I get about 600 channels on the bus through the Dish Network. I have every package you can get through them.

What are a few favorite destinations and why?
I really love playing Dublin, Ireland. People there really appreciate music to a level that you don't see a lot. I love playing Charlotte and really anywhere in the Carolinas. Anywhere that I play in the Carolinas is like home.

Do you like taking highways or scenic routes?
Good question. If we're driving at night, I like to take highways so we don't get a lot of bumps. We try to take back roads during the day.

What's your favorite meal to make onboard?
We very rarely stop. We have a great kitchen and we'll cook something up. Breakfast is my favorite--scrambled eggs and sausage.

Has anyone ever approached you in a rest stop or somewhere else and asked to see your rig?
Oh, God yeah! It happens all the time. People that recognize us ask us if they can check out the bus. Ah, no [laughing], it's my house! The bus is my home away from home. I love it. When I'm on the road, I only leave my bus to do my sound checks, [do] the shows, and play golf!

Have you ever gone camping with your family?
The bus is camping for us! My son's with me right now and we're camping. When they're out of school, we're camping. Camping (laughing) for me is when room service ends at 11:30.