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Laundry Alternative

It’s a fact of life on the water that boaters out for extended periods of time eventually have dirty laundry. Some marinas have laundry facilities, but small loads, convenience, and desire to be “green” all mean many boaters like to be able to handle that dirty laundry onboard. That’s where Laundry Alternative can help boaters come clean.

The company’s flagship product is the compact Wonder Wash, which can handle a five-pound load, uses about 90% less water and detergent, and gets clothes clean in a minute or two using a patented high-pressure spinning system. Though many boaters like to air dry their clothes while underway, Laundry Alternative also makes a compact Mini Countertop Spin Dryer for about $70 that extracts water from clothes (they come out damp). They also have a larger Spin Dryer for larger loads.

The Wonder Wash can be found for less than $50.00, while the Mini Countertop Spin Dryer is about $70 and the Spin Dryer is around $135. Visit www.laundry-alternative.com (lots of “green” tips) or call 888-813-9559 for more information.