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Woman & Wine....

"29" Grape-Seed Extract Cosmetics

Those who know Napa Valley know Highway 29, the picturesque road that runs up the western flank of this hallowed wine region--and is bumper-to-bumper with wine-tasting tourists on summer weekends. Well, "29" now conjures up another image--of beautiful women all dolled up (and looking young) thanks to "29", a new line of enriched cosmetics and beauty products that has two secret ingredients:
1.) anitioxident grape-seed extract and.....
2.) owner Lydia Mondavi

The wife of Robert Mondavi, Jr. (Robert Sr. was one of the most influential pioneers in the Napa--make that the American--wine industry,) Lydia Mondavi co-owns Spellbound and Medusa wineries and founded a spa consulting firm before creating "29" in 2006.

“Every product in a woman's cosmetic bag should protect her skin from aging and enhance her natural beauty," says the blonde dynamo. "29" is the first line that protects the skin from damaging free radicals while offering brilliant color.”

For the various products in her "29" collection, Mondavi chose names that pay homage to wine country: D’vine Mascara, Vintage Cream Powder Foundation, Crush Cheek Blusher, First Crush Lip Scrub, and eye shadow colors including Napa Grapes, Smoky Notes, Sunset in Napa, and Late Harvest.

Of their grape-seed extract enrichment, Mondavi says, “Polyphenols found in grape seeds destroy free radicals and protect the skin’s collagen for healthy elasticity and suppleness--as well as combating the signs of aging.” Cheers to that!

"29" Cosmetics are available at Neiman Marcus and the 29 Cosmetics website.