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Don’t Spill That Drink

Whether it’s a steaming cup of coffee or a frosty cold drink, boaters want their beverages to stay put--yet stay right at hand. Thus, for 2006, marine accessories leader AFI is offering an all-new family of versatile Molded Ply Drink Holders that look good and work great.

AFI’s new Drink Holders are molded from a white polymer that is durable, corrosion proof, and UV resistant. Each of the four models (one-, two-, one/two-, and two/four-cup) can accommodate a wide variety of cans, bottles, cups, or mugs. The one/two- and two/four-cup “swingout” models allow boaters to easily double the size of the holder with a flip of the wrist.

Each model can be permanently mounted with stainless steel screws or moved around using high-strength suction cups. For more information, visit www.marinco.com.