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Inno ZR223 Window Mount Fishing Rod Holder (www.innoracks.com)

Boaters know that you have to get your tackle to the water before you can catch a fish. Tackle transport can often lead to tangled lines, broken rods, and worse (just ask those who forget to securely store rods on their trailered boats). That’s where a new Inno fishing rod holder (and other products) can help boaters.

The Inno ZR223 Window Mount Fishing Rod Holder uses suction cups to quickly and firmly attach to the interior rear side window of virtually any vehicle. The holders (which come in pairs) are designed to cradle two rods and reels firmly in place--and away from windows, doors, and other gear.

When ready to go boating and fishing, a simple push button on each cradle quickly releases the rods. When not in use, the holders can easily be stored under a seat, while awaiting the next fishing--and boating--outing.

The Inno ZR223 retails for an affordable $29.95, making for an ideal stocking stuffer for your favorite fishing and boating buddy. Inno also makes other products ideal for those who love the water and transporting their gear there safely.