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MARINE CUISINE (www.marinecuisine.us)

Boaters love the words, “just add water,” because when you add water with a boat you have the ideal mixture. Now, thanks to Marine Cuisine(TM), it’s also a recipe for tasty and convenient meals onboard your boat!

New Marine Cuisine meals offer a broad array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that were developed to fuel the boating lifestyle. Instead of a stale or soggy sandwich, what about scrambled eggs and ham, beef stew, spicy oriental rice and chicken, and maybe blueberry cheesecake for dessert?

By removing the bulk and weight of water in a wide variety of freshly cooked foods, the chefs at Marine Cuisine prepare meals that are 60% to 90% lighter than fresh foods and far lighter than canned good (they also tend to take up less space, which is always at a premium for most boaters). A special stand-up zipper pouch makes it easy to add boiling or hot water, stir, and enjoy the meal right out of the pouch, if desired (making galley cleanup as easy as washing the eating utensils!).

If a galley stove or thermos of hot water is unavailable, Marine Cuisine now offers the new Marine Oven--a unique re-usable flameless heating kit developed to heat up gourmet meals right in the pouch! With this innovation, piping hot meals are available on any size vessel in any conditions.