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Brownie’s Third Lung

It’s easy to understand why so many American Boating Association members love scuba diving: they already love the water--whether it’s being near it, on it, or in it! Thus, whether you’ve never tried diving before or have logged lots of time underwater, it’s easier than ever to dive right in!

Those who really get into diving from their own boat gravitate toward Brownie’s Third Lung (www.browniedive.com) systems. This boater-friendly offers a wide range of affordable and flexible options, including gas-powered floating systems and battery-operated options.

Basically, Brownie’s Third Lung systems provide a rubber hose that you use to breathe on and under the surface (referred to as “Hookah”). The beauty of the Hookah system is that it frees you of most of the equipment traditionally involved with diving. Along with the air hose running to the surface, you only need a simple weight belt to control your buoyancy! It’s also one-size-fits-all.

The floating gas-powered systems come in two sizes: F280 (two divers to 80 feet or three divers to 25 feet) and F390 (three divers to 90 feet or four divers to 60 feet). The electrical systems include the E140 (one diver to 60 feet) and the built-in yacht system (two divers to 60 feet), as well as several more “commercial” options and a fun pressurized “snorkel” option that allows one diver to reach 6-10 feet.

Brownie’s also offers battery-powered systems that can handle one or two divers to 60 feet, as well as a pressurized snorkel option. With Brownie’s, regular or Hookah certification is required--and many boaters are finding it’s well worth the minimal time and expense--you could often get a three-diver system (F390X) for the price of traditional mid-range dive gear for one!