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STIDD Systems Helm Seat

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be comfortable when you’re at the helm. That’s where STIDD Systems, Inc. comes to the rescue with a wide variety of helm seats for practically any vessel.

STIDD has two new seats that are setting a standard in comfort and support. The 500H High-Back is an ideal all-around seat that will work well in the helm station of most boats, providing seating comfort to a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. The 500NH Slimline High Back is a full five inches narrower, making it ideal for installation on boats where helm seating space is limited.

All STIDD marine seating systems are manufactured with water repellent physiological foam cushions that are specifically designed to provide superior support and shock absorption boaters need. The upholstery is self-bailing for quick drainage and removal is easy for any replacement or repair.

To view the full line of marine seating available from STIDD Systems, visit www.stidd.com.