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Maybe no man (or woman) is an island, but islands do hold special appeal to both male and female boaters. When that island is Bermuda, you have a world-class boating destination!

Whether you choose to make the journey to Bermuda by boat or go boating once there, Bermuda is one of the world’s top boating locations. Located in the Atlantic, about 670 miles southeast of New York, Bermuda has long been a favorite for boaters as an ocean-going destination (and for exploring on and off a boat once there).

Reaching Bermuda by boat is a rite of passage of sorts and it’s not a task to be taken lightly. The Bermuda Department of Tourism website says it best: “A voyage....to Bermuda can be a rewarding and relaxing experience--provided you plan your voyage carefully and adequately check and prepare your vessel.”

The website goes on to stress the vulnerability of electronic navigational equipment in a marine environment, recommending that at least one crew member aboard is capable of celestial navigation and that backup communication and navigational equipment is carried. Along with general boating and visitor information spread throughout the website, there’s also specific information available to those boating to Bermuda (see below).

Pleasant year-round temperatures vary by just around 20 degrees F during the year, with the coldest month of February still averaging 62 degrees F (and an average of just 82 degrees F in August). Rainfall is typically evenly distributed throughout the year.

Of course, conditions underway (especially when leaving the east coast) can be dramatically different! Generally speaking, spring to fall can work well for this major trip, but it’s best to plan well in advance and then check with the Coast Guard and other resources concerning current conditions.

While not every boat trip to Bermuda will bring calm seas and a smooth crossing, good planning can improve the odds. Once there, boaters will find not only a premier boating hotspot, but also a vacation destination with lots of variety. Bermuda's rare combination of convenient location, natural beauty, British heritage, and island charm make it a perfect boating destination.

Bermuda's hilly terrain lies in the warming Gulf Stream and its 21-mile stretch of islands are connected by several bridges and causeways. Hamilton, the charming capital city, is the most populated area of Bermuda.

Mopeds (called ‘cycles’) provide the preferred way of exploring Bermuda. It's simple and convenient to rent mopeds and tour the entire island. Starting from historic St. George's in the east, moped wanderers will enjoy the ride into and around Hamilton, take in the breathtaking views along the South Shore, head past quaint Somerset, and end up at the west end's Dockyard, with lots of shops and historic sites.

Taxi drivers also provide an excellent way to get around Bermuda, as well as serving as great tour guides. They'll probably serve as your first introduction to the history of Bermuda and the friendliness of it's people.

Of course, Bermuda is an island and that means getting around by boat is a great way to go! Whether you’ve brought your own boat or plan on renting once there, there are many marinas with full services spread throughout the island. Again, the Department of Tourism’s website has great lists of rental options, marinas, services, and more.

Island charm is evident everywhere in Bermuda, where homes are the color of sherbert, businessmen wear Bermuda shorts and ties to work, and streets and homes have names like "Old Maids Lane" and "Fanny Fox's Cottage." Beachcombers will enjoy strolling one or more of the secluded beaches. Bermuda's 34 small and picturesque beaches include famous Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay, Church Bay, Chaplin Bay, Stonehole Cove, Astwood Cove, and many more.

Situated off these beautiful beaches, Bermuda offers an enchanted undersea world waiting to be explored by scuba divers, snorkelers, and anglers. The crystal-clear waters offer colorful reefs, ancient wrecks, and, of course, great boating!

Shoppers will be pleasantly surprised at the entire Bermuda shopping experience. From the variety and price of goods to the friendliness of the staff, the quality shows. Imported British goods and many other items can provide perfect memories of Bermuda, as well as substantial savings.

Bermuda has more acreage dedicated to golf per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Championship courses abound, with designers like Robert Trent Jones, Charles Banks, and Charles Blair Macdonald carving stunning landscapes into world-famous links.

Many may choose to stay on a boat while in Bermuda, but the Fairmont Hamilton Princess (www.fairmont.com) does offer a unique option to boaters. The historic resort’s boater program includes a private dock with all services, plus access to resort amenities, ferry service to a private pink sand beach, restaurants, and even room service! What more could a boater in Bermuda ask?

Visit www.bermudatourism.com for a wide array of information about visiting Bermuda, including excellent boating information. For those planning on boating to Bermuda or boating once there, be sure to visit www.bermudatourism.com/boating.html!